Procurement and MRO Supplies

Procurement and MRO Supplies

SJW Technologies
Procurement and MRO Supplies`

Procurement is important for organizations of all sizes, across all industries and all organizations need to be focused on their sourcing activities to succeed today and in the years ahead. Finding the right equipment, machinery, equipment spares or tools can be very challenging. Sourcing and procurement services are rapidly evolving from the old lift-and-shift model, and the associated conversation has shifted from low-cost efficiency to long-term value. SJW Technologies is working with businesses across industries to provide capital equipment and equipment spares procurement solutions.

Our mission is to provide reliable sourcing, purchasing, and logistics service that guarantees price competitiveness, quality products and timely delivery to the locations in the Middle East. We work with customers in a range of industry sectors, including EPC, Construction, Universities, Fabrication, Oil and Gas and Marine. Excellent service with clear visibility on our entire supply chain process is at the heart of everything we do.

One of the biggest concerns of our international clients is the cost of logistics. Cost of shipping for most items can be many times the actual price of the item. We strive to ship the item to our clients at the lowest possible costs. We procure items and send them to our local office and then consolidate the shipment into the high-volume containers to reduce the volume and lower the shipment cost.

We use the freight services of DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

We effectively utilize the US Postal Services for many items as their rates can often be a fraction of commercial shipping companies.