About Us

About Us

SJW Technologies

SJW Technologies is a global procurement and supply chain services provider, distributing a specialist range of products to niche markets across Middle East and Asia. We are also an independent Third-Party Inspection Services (TPI) company providing services globally to the Oil and Gas sector to ensure and verify quality and compliance to the client’s requirements as well as to international standards. We supply Technical Resources and Man Power.

Our services are designed to complement and enhance the existing supply chain team's buying power and operational excellence.

From Maintenance/Repair/Operation (MRO) supplies to capital equipment and TPI services, we manage the entire sourcing, procurement and logistics operations from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Operational activities include, but not limited to the following:

  • Global procurement and supply chain services
  • Sourcing specialist range of laboratory and Testing equipment and spares
  • Sourcing Expertise for Maintenance/Repair/Operation (MRO) of lab equipment
  • Handling samples requiring specialized testing across USA
  • Sourcing PTP Samples for National and International Participation
  • Third Party Inspection Services for the Oil and Gas sector